Astrology for december

this year, thankful for the stars


How much do you want to let national events impact your emotional life? This month, cry if you want to. The first thing to know about the news is its short shelf-life. Somewhere someone is highly concerned about how a certain brand of toothpaste is selling relative to competitors. Have you turned your competitors into friends yet? Will you ever?


As a joke, spend too much. Ha ha. Figure out what you mean when you say you don’t feel good. This month, think new thoughts upon waking. Shore up your defenses and then give them up entirely. Wait until someone new isn’t new anymore, and then tell them how you really feel. When convenient, forget about it. Don’t be surprised if you start making things easier for yourself.


If you're like the rest of us, successful participation in national novel-writing month has eluded you once again. This isn't anything to be ashamed about, but you could at least be honest. This month, finish the home improvement project you haven't started yet . Be more forgiving, if you can bring yourself to be. Make room. Remember what you once thought your life might look like: this is better, isn't it?


Are you imagining yourself as some sort of hero? This month, try not to. What are you doing that feels bad? You might consider avoiding that activity. Arm yourself with a better understanding of your dreams. Act like you know what you're doing, if you do. Develop an intuitive sense for what makes a good joke.


What could be more fun than networking? This month, be gentle. If you have to deliver bad news, avoid the impulse to make jokes. Friends don't let friends let themselves down. A big part of integrity is believing that you can have another good idea. Trying to understand why you want what you want is a good first step.


Your primary goal might be to find a more conversational way to live. This month, taking a minute to wonder what you're overcompensating for may solve one or two of your problems. Emotional power might be the best kind. Wherever you’ve been searching, it hasn’t been wasted time. However long it takes you to find whatever it is, don't look away.


If you’re feeling out of touch, touch more. This month, take a stand and do what you can to keep your friendships together. Do you have to start from the same place every morning? If you’ve been doing the same thing for years and it still doesn’t feel good, pivot. The gap between your way out and your way in is probably smaller than you think


Remember: The slow descent into taking yourself too seriously begins with a new profile photo. Maybe visit your favorite websites less frequently. Consider how open – or closed – you have become to new worlds. This month, listen more. What’s really terrible is the amount of time you might spend grieving something that never existed in the first place.


Your suspicions are correct: your most important work will take the longest. Whichever alternate history you’re living in, survive a little longer and stay out later. This month, follow through on your imagination of how things could be. If you lock eyes with a stranger, make it stranger: blink three times for yes, twice for no, and wink one eye after the other to demonstrate true creativity.


How much is gained by being a better sport? Unfortunately, other people's secrets remain attractive conversation pieces. This month, stay off WebMD: whatever it is, it's probably just seasonal allergies. Carefully lower your standards. Look bewildered, but please don't call your friends your squad. Years later, you'll realize how petty it was to give anything but five stars.


Maybe your party's unraveling. Plates have been thrown, rookie mistakes met with winks, shrugs. What if what you didn't know really couldn't hurt you? Even if you had a twin, you would choose to do some things alone. This month, work. Save more, and think of how much you regret spending so far this year already. Table all discussion of restaurants, and revel instead in obligation. Do the reading. Don't end up off in too many corners.


There's less time than ever to read anything, and you wouldn't be wrong to identify that as the real trouble. Who buys flowers? This month, find a more imaginative way to show affection. It's important to buy into the explanations you come up with for your behavior. Are your experiences interesting enough to merit packaging and sharing with others? They might not be, but getting obliterated every now and then is only natural, really. If your idea of a good time is a game of pinochle over screwdrivers, you've got it figured out.