Advice for march

from your kindest friends: the stars


This might be your luckiest month of the year. Do more of what's almost too easy to do. What specifically are you looking for? You might not know it, but you're probably in the middle of something. The coming resurgence of app-specific devices may be the biggest surprise of the coming decade. This month, be prepared. Whoever they are, they probably want you to be more romantic. See how many New Yorker cartoon captions you can work into casual conversation.


No matter what happens in the evening, your mug in the mirror is always there waiting when you wake up. Having breakfast together can mean so much. There's only so much time, so consider carefully how much of it is spent on your phone. Elevator etiquette is only getting trickier, and you're probably already doing it wrong. This month, fulfill your individual set of responsibilities. Become more invested in constructing a personal mythology. Tell the truth.


Is there a heaviness to your days? Sometimes today's world arrives wrapped in the feeling that you aren't allowed to enjoy it. Future generations will marvel at how much time you and your friends spent at brunch. This month, acknowledge what's different. Applaud all your needs, however pathetic. The sum of your actions adds up to something, probably. Verbalize, and if you're about to reassure yourself, keep going.


Sometimes making something up is the better option. Sadly, halfway there doesn't count for much. This month, second chances might be damaging, second opinions could be too, and second natures will probably remain less prominent than first. Have a risky encounter with an authority figure anyway. Rid yourself of responsibility. Remember that most arguments are, at their core, about turf. Watch your step. Don't look back.


Each day a different sort of puzzle. Maybe it wouldn't be too much to live according to some standard. After all, whose phone today doesn't have something wrong with it? The colors and textures now commercially available for the widest range of products are the stuff of dreams. This month, let lack of sleep catch up with you. Become known somewhere new. Dig yourself into a deeper hole than ever before. Remember what beer smelled like on other people, before you ever tasted it. Don't be too transparent. Do better work.


Whatever you're aching to know about that special someone, assume the best and move on. There may be something to the fear that data-driven insights won't save you. This month, spill the beans. Play for keeps. Come to terms with accidents and unceremonious behavior. Remember that some problems can be put off to be solved later. Find a new name for something that needs one.


What are you waiting for? On good days, whoever you're looking for might see you instead. Better sometimes to have poor reception. In a past life, maybe you were younger. Another haircut is always on the horizon. You know the drill: this month, cross off a few items on old to-do lists. Prioritize whichever half of the battle matters most.


This month, what's the worst that can happen? You could follow the right plan at the wrong time, or make a big stink over a misunderstanding. There are few things quite like the preemptive breakup. Even so, better to be a good partner than credentialed. Time, unfortunately, is limited. You've got a whole childhood to finish digesting. Remember to chew.


Maybe your party's unraveling. Plates have been thrown, rookie mistakes met with winks, shrugs. What if what you didn't know really couldn't hurt you? Even if you had a twin, you would choose to do some things alone. This month, work. Save more, and think of how much you regret spending so far this year already. Table all discussion of restaurants, and revel instead in obligation. Do the reading. Don't end up off in too many corners.


How much is gained by being a better sport? Unfortunately, other people's secrets remain attractive conversation pieces. This month, stay off WebMD: whatever it is, it's probably just seasonal allergies. Carefully lower your standards. Look bewildered, but please don't call your friends your squad. Years later, you'll realize how petty it was to give anything but five stars.


There's less time than ever to read anything, and you wouldn't be wrong to identify that as the real trouble. Who buys flowers? This month, find a more imaginative way to show affection. It's important to buy into the explanations you come up with for your behavior. Are your experiences interesting enough to merit packaging and sharing with others? They might not be, but getting obliterated every now and then is only natural, really. If your idea of a good time is a game of pinochle over screwdrivers, you've got it figured out.


To be great again is probably not the move. Sadly, you've probably already checked off most of the more rebellious things on your list. At this point, few things feel better than pushing off a responsibility. This month, don't forget an umbrella. Remember that tepid feedback is generally useless, and that the whole point of looking both ways is to do so when crossing what you think are one-way streets. Your shadow lives the same life you do, but with a far smaller carbon footprint. Invest in a lint roller.