Stars of plenty


Photo: Maureen Drennan

Photo: Maureen Drennan


Is there too much on your plate? Take the rest of it home and mull it over, or give it to someone else who might be better able to savor its complicated flavors. It's worth wondering if your job is really the sort that, done well, is its own reward after all. A fact of friendships is that some require oaths, spoken or not. Keep a list of what you've promised. This month, stop going to the laundromat that treats you so badly. There's probably another one right around the corner.


Using the stapler may be one of the riskiest activities you take part in and that is nothing to be ashamed of. One way to bring back that lost sense of excitement is to put your finger somewhere on the menu without looking and order whatever dish it lands on. This month, if you usually go first, try out second place. But leave last to the losers, and stay vigilant. Consider investing in a two-way mirror eyemask. 


Do you make new memories while looking at your phone? Don't be alarmed if you cycle through the same few memories when you claim to remember your childhood. The bigger the feeling, sometimes the harder it is to know about it. If what you're tangled up in is something good, stop squirming so much. This month, be a champ, a trooper, and consider letting your guard down. It's July -- what's the worst that can happen?


Is there anyone more mysterious than a sibling? You probably don't remember the bold predictions that Apple would never make an phone. Maybe it's time you stop thinking about anything you've ever been wrong about, too. This month, remember: every bone in you have is dedicated completely to your use. Within certain limitations, you're already the boss.


You wouldn't watch state propaganda all the time, so why are you taking your worries so seriously? If your aggressive nature probably feels a little less gunned up than you're used to, find opportunities to deploy a graceful stride, a furtive glance. This month, make all the moves you've always wondered about. Laugh first and ask questions later. Try out. Build a bear.


So much can go away so quickly. The apron is already over. Apple juice and whole cow's milk, once found in refrigerators everywhere, are now for so many of us little more than cocktail ingredients. This month, feel it out. When the rules you're living with feel oppressive, make up new ones that might be more pleasant for you. If you ever see the moon's surface for yourself, what will you do first? Would you ever be able to recover?


Are you coming to the realization that you only have so much juice? You've heard, anecdotally, of near-mythical coworkers or relatives who could make do with only a few hours of sleep each night. You might not be cut out for that, and the sooner you accept it, the less sleep you'll lose worrying about that particular deficiency. It's hard to be truly productive at the last minute. This month, stay in touch. Keep at it. Make good choices. Take a break.


If your horoscope says the same thing every month, it might be trying to tell you something. Repairing a relationship with a former childhood best friend is going to take more time than you anticipate and might not even be worth it. You might think it's possible to overstate the importance of staying hydrated and wearing sunblock, but it isn't. This month, drink when you're thirsty. Deliver a kind word to a frenemy. Resemble a family member.


Home can be a tricky kind of place. It's only real for you, and you probably won't get to choose its defining characteristics. One small blessing that's easy to forget about is that most people end up with decent skin. This month, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Conjure up some sort of game plan and stick to it. Save money. Matchmake.


The number of forks you've ever used in your life is finite but difficult to imagine. You would probably not be able to carry their combined weight, name how and where you used each one, or identify more than the most memorable few. This month, take out your headphones for at least a few hours. Save money by building new furniture out of rocks and stacks old papers you have laying around. Forget all about sugared beverages. Keep your ear to the ground, but Swiffer first.


Maybe you can't wait to finish up and get into bed. Cozy is a standard that can be just as insidious as anything else. You may be overusing the wink emoji. This month, assume it isn't your fault. Keep a list of all the wrongs you ever endured and then stop keeping the list. Recite your first word each night before going to sleep. Put a cotton blanket in the emergency bag you really ought to keep.


By the end of the summer, you'll have forgotten how you spent June. Count how many Junes you have left. One of the bigger early-life mistakes we tend to make is giving up skipping. Trying to fall asleep is one of your worst bad habits. This month, develop a television series, film it, get rich, and give back. Stop pretending frozen yogurt is a substitute for ice cream. Remember that love doesn't mean letting it slide.