dream dispatch

Devin yalkin


How can we hold on to remnants of dreams as we wake up? This diary of sorts is part of a search for intimacy with my surroundings and those I've photographed. In some instances, as I transpose faint memories of dreams into the imagery, it is a search for closure. 

Devin Yalkin (b. 1981), a native and resident of New York City, is a black-and-white photographer who received his BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.

His work has been shown domestically and internationally and has been included in Super Chief Gallery and in Istanbul MoMA’s 2013 exhibition, "Close Quarters" with two works now in the permanent collection. That same year, his work was featured in a solo exhibition at Stieglitz 19 Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. Recently, Yalkin was included in a four-person show at Kolga Photo Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia (2017). He has published work in the New York Times Magazine, Time, Vice and Rolling Stone. In September of 2016, Yalkin’s first monograph, “I’ll See You Tomorrow, Until I Can’t,” was released through Sun Editions.