on division street

An rong xu


Up before the sun is out,

They rise, they prepare for the day.

Nothing is ever given,

You must earn your life here.

Time will move, life will change,

But here,

As the sun touches this street,

Illuminating life for a quarter of an hour,

At dawn and at dusk,

This life under the bridge is given the stage,

Is given the chance to shine,

To show

That our lives matter, that through it all we live

And reminds us:

Keep grinding,

Keep living,

Keep on, Keep on, Keep on.

An Rong Xu (@anrizzy) is a New York City-based photographer and director. Born in China and raised in New York’s Chinatown, Xu explores the world around him through his unique cultural perspective.

Xu has photographed and directed for publications and companies including TIME Magazine, GQ Taiwan, The New York Times, Google, and Rolling Stone.