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december horoscopes

Photo: Amy Lombard

Photo: Amy Lombard


Maybe sleek, right now, isn't really the look. Remember: whatever anyone’s getting away with today, the future is long and filled with endless tomorrows to fill with consequences. Think too of the years you wondered whether you would be the next American to join the ranks of a foreign royal family. It might look now like it didn't work out for you after all, but this month, consider that maybe it just hasn't happened yet.  


Sometimes it's easier to sleep when it's cold, but that doesn't mean you should put your health at risk. What’s rust anyway but the mold of the inorganic world? The point is, there's only so much that flora and fauna can offer. At some stage, you might find yourself turning to the more permanent stuff for real insight. There are rocks that are older than any language. This month, reconsider your quick dismissal of crystals.


The best thing you can do with chicken is make leftovers. It's a food, you might say, that's easy to build on. Even if you don’t eat meat, someone will eat it. When did you stop doodling? The advent of smart phones has probably led to a marked decline in doodles per person. But maybe not: maybe the new need to always be doing something with our hands, to constantly be busy with one project or another, makes doodling today all the more likely, necessary, imperative. This month, remember that reaching out never hurts.


Remember when it was fashionable to worry about trying too hard? Somehow, that seems less worthy of attention now that there are other things to worry about, like channeling a distinctive look. These days there are more looks than anyone can keep track of, and maybe that's a good thing. Are you afraid of your computer? You might be surprised how many terrific colors there are stationed all around you in your very own home. This month, work on your New Years' Resolutions before it’s too late.


Why is it so hard to get started? The most important thing you do this year is probably something you’ve already done and forgotten about. The habits you’ve picked up since January might not even occur to you yet. This month, cool off. Take a walk around the block. You look like you need a break.


When others' apartments are not only larger but also more inexpensive than yours, remember the virtues of forgiveness, kindness, and charity. What would reflecting on your life even look like? Your friends are blaming you for all sorts of things – your tone of voice, the eye-rolls you claim have more to do with getting something out of your eyelash. This month, take a deep breath.


What will it take to force you to budget? It might be very likely that you will lose all your money, your hometown will end up underwater, and your children will blame you for not buying them products whose arrival on the retail you can’t today imagine. There are only so many things you can deprive yourself of. This month, remember how much has happened in the last few years that once would have seemed impossible.


The holiday season isn't what it used to be. Twenty years ago, when you were in elementary school, it felt bigger, grander, like something with substance. You’re getting angry more easily, and there’s probably a reason why. This month, don’t be so defensive. If you can’t help but push back – you’re not being defensive, you say – that might be part of the problem. It’s getting cold, and moving around is less pleasant than it was even a few weeks ago. This month, treat yourself to a taxi.


Sometimes the last thing on your to-do list isn't the hardest because you've left the worst thing for last. It might just feel that way because you're hesitant to give up having things to do. It’s easy to get overinvested in the feeling of checking off tasks, of being important enough to have others rely on you. This month, get more comfortable with procrastination. Focus less on what people are saying and more on how they’re saying it. Chances are, whatever you’re doing, there’s something you’ve missed.


This month, as the saying goes, you have to get around to changing your life.  Do you even know what you like? That might be a good place to start. Another might be your relationship with your parents. Even if the wider world as you know it has jumped the shark, there are always friends and loved ones to fall back on. This month, log off.


How does it feel to be as old as you are? However it feels, next year you'll be even older. Those hairs you're calling blonde will assert themselves more forcefully, your waistline more expansive, your temperament milder. You’re not what you used to be, and it’s showing. But better to accept that than keep pretending. This month, act fast, because even the New You probably has only so much time left.


Transforming a series of rooms into a home isn't anything to turn your nose up at. Your fantasies of fleeing New York and paying minimal rent on a big house all by yourself might be about more than the actual price of rent. But maybe this is a special case where there isn’t any deeper meaning: you’re paying too much, you’re tired of the city, and ready to leave. This month, why haven’t you?