I'M Getting into FLossing Lately

Willis plummer

ive been afraid of kidney stones
for so long i cant remember
where i learned about them
or where i learned
that riding roller coasters
can make them pass
but im terrified
of roller coasters too
i saw a picture of horses on a beach
laid out n looking stupid
as hell in the sand
u gotta make reservations
months in advance
to visit that island
with the horses on the beach
six hours outside of new york city
and islands are a kind of prison
just like our skin
or congestion or
bathrooms with two doors
or gated communities
in connecticut or any place
without public transportation
where you dont have a car
d's uncle kept us prisoners by the pool
it was too cold to swim
and in confinement
i learned to adapt
read books
watch television
stop thinking entirely
im not sure if im ready
for real change
but i like to make temporary adjustments
like dating a sober vegan
drinking seltzer
hot black drip coffee
over ice
answering the question
remember that time
i got fired
over and over
always thinking
maybe this time
i'll answer right —
i find the things that stick
are infinitely rewarding
and make it worthwhile
to pass and to be passed
like a kidney stone
through other peoples lives