peter chinman


I want to be the strawberry

crushed between your teeth

the sticky sweet smear of smile

spilled across your cheeks

what I mean is

I want you to ruin me


August 31, 2017

Washington Square Park

He thought the dogs were chasing lemons

across  the lawn until you told him about tennis

see Kentucky before you die kid

it’s worth it                the sunsets


    January 21, 2018

    Dolores Park, SF

What midst such loveliness

could words tell us? Unless

they were simple instructions

to shut up & listen,  & let

the world enter us

at every octave of our attention.


                                    February 10, 2018

                                    Echo Park Lake

three legged dog

                                    break my heart


                                    September 15, 2017

     Washington Square Park

Peter makes his living writing poems for strangers in New York City. You can find him most afternoons in Washington Square Park. He has a weekly newsletter with stories, poems, & photos which you can subscribe to here.