Hallway Residency

Javier Viramontes + Karina Eckmeier

What is the Hallway Residency?

The Hallway Residency is the shortest art residency in the United States* founded by me, Javier Viramontes, and Karina Eckmeier. The Hallway Residency is a miniaturized letter-press and research operation located in the hallway of our Bushwick apartment. Anyone can apply to hang out, have a drink, and make a print.

What do you mean by miniaturized?

The issue of rent and space is always in the mind of New Yorkers. Not too long ago, there was a poorly rated film with Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig where people are given a choice to shrink their bodies as an environmental/cost-saving measure. Sometimes we wish this technology was available, not because we have the hearts of environmentalists, but because "small" things can be easily understood.  We've always believed that the efficiency of the feedback loop, which makes learning possible, is inversely proportional to the physical size of a given problem. We are not printmakers, but we would like to better understand printing processes.  

The Hallway Residency is miniaturized, from its brief duration all the way to tools within the residency—for example, the mini Proxon Bench Circular Saw KS 115 that we use to cut minute wooden pieces. 

What kind of research goes on in the Hallway Residency?

The residency revolves around a restored, 1936 Lin-O-Scribe Show Card Writer tabletop letterpress; therefore the research is typographic in nature, but not exclusive to the subject. The work you see below is an ongoing exploration of the design and manufacture of Movable Type using desktop-sized CNC and laser cutting machines.


Do you have other examples?

Karina Eckmeier

Karina Eckmeier is the other co-founder of the Hallway Residency. She explores elements of form, texture, and color, using found materials that she cuts on the mini Proxon Proxon Bench Circular Saw KS 115. Her summer printing drink of choice is Montauk Brewing Co.'s Watermelon Session Ale.


Brandon Gamm

Our friend and first resident, Brandon Gamm, used his time at the residency to user test Prixel©, an interchangeable rubber shape press he has been designing for the past couple of years. His drink of choice was Modelo with a quartered lime.


Abbas Deidehban

Abbas Deidehban is perhaps the shortest residency we've had thus far. In between breaks of a shoot he had flown in from L.A. to do, he decided to use the original rubber-cast movable type manufactured for the press. Anticipating his quick arrival and knowing his excellent taste I decided to make him an old-fashioned.


How can you apply for the Hallway Residency?

Email info@format.xyz with your C.V. and your preferred beverage to share during the residency.

*Not a verified statement