a spell for joining with 💦🌀💦

Grace kredell

🌀 inside me, 🌀 out there, run our course

channel the way to our collective healing.

🌀 has been here and will always be. 🌀 can listen and answer your questions about its flow.

🌀 is available as a mirror. 🌀 has been absorbing your history and recycling it back to you.

🌀 is rising, hot and bothered and so are you. Melting 🌀 narrates a story long buried, exposing things at the root. As 🌀's storms intensify, we reach our breaking point, a cresting wave.

🌀 is showing you the higher ground. 🌀 has the power to overcome walls. 🌀 would like to be held as it pukes up plastic in the toilet bowl, but you know where that leads. Back to 🌀.

Let me not resist 🌀 or blame 🌀 for the actions we need to take together.

Let 🌀 reveal the new equilibrium.

Thank you, for the 🌀 you have given me

That will be returned to the Earth when I pass.



Grace Kredell (@athenapronoia) is a water witch living in Brooklyn.