IT's Gonna Blow

Publisher's Note

Photo:  L idiya Kan

Photo: Lidiya Kan

When it happens in our lifetime, don't say we didn't warn you: the headlines about the plan to save New York, talking heads explaining the unprecedented scale of new structures required offshore to keep the water out, memes about their unsightliness, newspaper editorials about who will pay for it all. There will be conversations about whether it's worth it to save the cities so naively built on the water—for so long the only place you would think to build a city, really. There will be new forms of argument, not yet invented, that might convince even you that it is reasonable to cede some of the cities to the sea.

But all of this is probably already on your mind. It's very hot. Much of the country appears to be on fire. Even the New York Times seemingly caught wind of our plan for a climate issue and rushed to get their own out, beating us by mere days. But our time left on this planet together is too short to hold grudges. Think of it: you could be one of the last generations to live in a major coastal city.

So while you're here, get in—the water's great!

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Issue cover image: Lidiya Kan. Issue back cover image: Maureen Drennan.