horoscopes for the year ahead

ashley D'arcy

Dear Pisces, this was a year of career growth and priority shifts. Think about how to move forward with balance, in collaboration with others.

Aries, if you weren’t prepared to take risks, 2017 may have been a year marked by falling short. But next year, no risks. Be safe.

T. baby, despite how hard you worked this year, you weren’t focused on it. You’re all set up for success. Stay embodied in the new year. 

Ah, Gemini, are you aware of the effect you had on others this year? No? Sounds just like you…

Cancer, you survived the Crab Bake of 2017. In 2018, let yourself be eaten. It is going to feel good.

Hello, Leo! Are you listening? In 2018, take care of the people that took care of you in 2017. And volunteer your strength in the fight for global equality.

Sweet Virgo, you’re soft like a pillow. And head-heavy too. Don’t be depressed. Feel your way through 2018.

Libra, this has been a year of imaginative growth and personal success. In 2018, imagine what sociocultural success might look like.

Scorpio, you sting. But you smell nice and you love to eat. This year, you worked hard. Next year, relish in your earnings.

Sagi, is *life* demanding or are *you*? Take responsibility for what you’ve put yourself through this year. And let someone else make a big decision for you next.

Cap, however it is that time works, you’re trapped in it. As it urges you forward, make art to capture 2018.

A.Q., the new life you established for yourself this year is working. Next year, do it again. With each new life, you reestablish your self.