Vampire Gloves

When I eat sushi

off the toilets

on The Standard Hotel

when my bruised cheeks

slink into unbold office interiors

when nudes drain my data

I feel mastery

over the symbolic order

trust no client, daddies

wanna fuck for free

“I only have so

much cash on me”

I wash your clothes

in a bath of peppermint

and softening oils

you outline the poly canon

later you mistreat

my goat milk ass


Easy Peasant Dick

You tell me to fav your tweets

but I’m just reading them at work:

i’m autumn all year

life is knowing what it’s like

oh no my heart feels bad

everyone needs to get out of my body

I think there’s a Samhain roaring inside you, the dark mirror

of the Beltane we’d celebrated watching

television eating biscuits in the bath, hitting

the bowl as I brought you things

there are people our age

blacking out at brunch

avenues lined with ailanthus

I wish to kill

as a peasant might

in the brown blunted rain

it seems beautiful

and a moving experience

I’m a serf

in the bed

you make me soak

in the barrel out back

my body gets no rest

a simple mind

holds complex drives

I doesn’t understand

many words you say

when you sit on my face

you say Ashes,

eat your stew

it’ll keep your

ass creamy

and make your

easy dick hard

when you suck me

it’s like rain

on the wilted fields

when you come

it’s the harvest

the reaper

is watching in the woods



Yeah I eat ass

and if I die

before I wake

I give my domme

my bones to take

to Santa Cruz

above the sea

and make a choker

finally from

my ashes

and wear it

around her sexy

sexy sexy neck